Oral and Poster Presentation Author Guidelines

Oral Presentation details:

Each presenter is allocated a time frame of 20 minutes, which include 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for audience questions.

Please bring your presentation with you on a disk-on-key media.

The presentation will be uploaded to the presenters PC at one of the breaks prior to your session. A technician will be available to assist in uploading and testing the presentation along the day. So please be aware to this, and bring a ready presentation, that has been tested to work properly, and make sure that the presenter uploads the presentation.

Acceptable presentation file formats are: Preferrable - Microsoft power point (.pptx) extension, PDF presentation. 

Please include an IEEE and COMPEL 2022 conference logos on your slides. Please consult the website for the logos.

Please prepare an up to a 100 words printed bio to pass to your chair, and bring it with you so that the chair would be able to present you properly during the session.

Session chairs and speakers should meet with each other 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their respective sessions, in the conference hall to familiarize with one another, finalize the bio, to confirm the presentation file is uploaded and the order of presentations during the session.



Poster details:

During the poster session each presenter will be allocated a separate poster holder with the following area reserved for the poster:

Poster max. width: 96 cm

Poster max. height: 238 cm

Please pay attention it is a vertical poster, and it is a maximum size. A recommended poster size is 90cmX120cm.

Please include an IEEE and COMPEL 2022 conference logos on your poster. Please consult the website for the logos.