COMPEL 2022 Camera Ready Paper

Submission Short Guide


Updated paper submission deadline: July 10, 2022

COMPEL tradition is to enable its authors to update and correct any mistakes in your final paper based on the feedback received during the conference, before submitting it to the publication at the IEEEXplore.
The easychair submission website is now open for resubmission of your corrected paper and will stay open through July 10th. If you have any corrections please make sure to finish and submit the corrected version of your paper by July 10th. Please make sure to pass the PDF-Express check.
If you have no corrections, no extra action is required on your side. The latest version of your paper that was uploaded to easychair will be submitted to IEEEXplore.

Final paper submission steps:


1) Preparing your pdf file

  You can use the IEEE templates (MS Word or LaTeX) to create your source document available online.  


Please note:

 Papers must strictly follow the format to be included in the workshop proceedings. The expected length of paper is between 6 to 8 pages. All papers are limited to maximum 8 pages in length. Do not add page numbers to your paper. Make sure you carefully proofread your source document.



2) Checking your PDF for IEEE compliance using IEEE PDF eXpress

Create your IEEE PDF eXpress Account

Once your pdf is ready log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress site

First-time users should do the following:

1.     Select the New Users – Click Here link.

2.     Enter the following:
53829X for the Conference ID,
your email address,
and a password.

3.     Continue to enter information as prompted.

An Online confirmation will be displayed, and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.


Previous users of PDF eXpress or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus need to follow the above steps but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.

  Upload your file, convert it, and check the status of conversion. Once the conversion is complete, a report will be generated for the file conversion. Check whether conversion was successful, or some changes are needed.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP – Please press the approve button next to your paper, after the validation was successful. Only after the approval a link to a SIGNED PDF file will appear, which is internally signed by PDF-Express. Please download this file and use it as the final submission paper in the next step.


3) Upload your final paper to EasyChair

  Please note that at least one author of an accepted paper must register at the IEEE full member, non-IEEE member, or Student rate. Each registration covers a single paper authored or co-authored by the registered person.

  Before uploading your final paper, please make sure that the title in EasyChair matches your camera-ready paper.

  Compare all author names in EasyChair with the authors list in your paper, which have to be identical and in the same order.

  Make sure you upload the camera-ready final paper generated by IEEE PDF eXpress.


  Log into the COMPEL 2022 EasyChair submission page.

Choose the author role.

To upload the final paper, navigate to the final version/proceedings link next to each of your your submissions. Please update the paper information and authors’ names and order. This is done by either editing the fields or by clicking on the Update authors link in the right upper corner.

To upload the final version of your paper, please click on Upload new version link in the upper right corner of your submission information page.





4) Submit the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form

  COMPEL 2022 uses EasyChair conference management system for copyright transfer to IEEE.

If you are an author of a paper with an unsigned copyright agreement, a link to signing the agreement will be available under your "Alerts" main menu tab accessible from anywhere in EasyChair. Your alerts will contain a link "IEEE copyright agreement for paper ...". Simply follow this link and you will be redirected to the IEEE eCF pages where the agreement can be signed. Alternatively at your submission information page a “Sign Copyright Agreement” button will be available. Please note, that if neither is available, one of your co-authors may already signed the form on your behalf.


Important notice: A copyright submission form is required for each paper. Failing to submit an electronic copyright will result in denial of paper publication in both the COMPEL 2022 conference proceedings, and at the IEEE Xplore database.