2022 IEEE 23rd Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics​

   The IEEE Power Electronics Society announces the Twenty Third IEEE Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics, IEEE COMPEL 2022.

   This workshop brings together researchers, engineers and students from academia and industry for an interactive discussion on the latest advances in modeling, simulation, analysis and control of power electronic devices, circuits and systems.

Special emphasis of COMPEL 2022 will be on miniaturization methods of high-power-density converters, topologies for high-conversion ratio, sensing and control techniques for volume-sensitive energy interfaces.

Important dates

Updated Final Papers are due July 10th

Final Papers are due June 15th

Authors registration is due June 1st

Early bird registration is due May 29th

Student grant application submission deadline: May 25th

Notification of acceptance: May 3rd

Tutorials and Keynotes

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Sponsored Tutorial

Test-Driven Design of Controllers for Grid-Forming Inverters

Prof. Marcio Stefanello, Dr.

Unipampa, Brazil.

Prof. Humberto Pinheiro, Ph.D.

Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

Prof. Fernanda Carnielutti, Dr.

Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil.

Prof. Alexandre T. Pereira, M.Sc.

Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense, Brazil.


Invited Tutorial
Wireless Power Transfer – from Science Fiction to Reality

Dr. Chris Mi 

Distinguished Professor and Chair of the ECE Department


Invited Keynote

Power delivery challenges in a data center

Mr. Gregory Sizikov

Senior Engineering Manager at Google llc. in Sunnyvale, California


Invited Keynote

Multi-Scale Control of Power-Electronic Systems

Prof. Sudip K. Mazumder

Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

Shay Cohen Photo.jpg

Invited Keynote

Micro Fulfillment Centers (MFC)

Mr. Shay Cohen

"Fabric” co-founder

Industry Sponsors


Workshop Themes

Workshop themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Modeling and Simulation for Power Electronics Converters: Advanced modeling and simulation techniques for power electronics converters, systems and components.

  • Control of Power Converters: Advanced control and power management solutions for ac-dc, dc-dc and dc-ac power converters and systems, including analog or digital implementations.

  • Topologies for High-Conversion Ratio: Power conversion topologies and analysis methodologies for applications ranging from low-power energy harvesters to multikilowatt power converters.

  • Design, Optimization and Simulation Tools: Design analysis and verification tools, multi-level and multi-domain simulators, hardware-in-the-loop testing systems, virtual prototyping tools and techniques, software solutions for reliability, diagnostics and EMI assessment.

  • Miniaturization and Integration: Power-on-Chip, multi-chip and multi-die advanced integration and 3-D stacking, mixed-signal platforms for integrated power, special processes and devices.

  • High-Power-Density Systems in Renewable Energy: Challenges in residential and commercial power delivery, compact inverters, grid interaction, polarization issues, special magnetics.

  • Education: Laboratories and equipment for teaching power electronics, innovative teaching methodologies, multimedia tools, interactive and virtual laboratories.